View Digital Infrastructure

View Digital Infrastructure, an investment arm of View Capital Advisors, is a private equity fund focused on digital infrastructure assets within the United States.

Investment Profile

View Digital is predominantly an asset level investor, but will consider other structures leveraging existing cash flowing assets, agreements and existing deal pipeline. Unlike most institutional players, View executes a decentralized strategy allowing for the funding of single asset opportunities to portfolio sized deployments.

View Digital acts as a sponsor, working with individuals and established teams to provide capital, underwriting support, access to strategic partners, vendors, and scaling guidance without taking ownership in operations.

Capital deployment is focused on, but not exclusive to:

  • Cellular Sites & Towers
  • In-Building & DAS Wireless Solutions
  • Fiber and Fixed-Wireless Broadband
  • Municipal Broadband
  • Subdivision & HOA Community Broadband
  • Multi-Dwelling-Unit Broadband

Our Approach

View Digital is dedicated to investing in essential infrastructure that provides our investors with risk-adjusted returns, attractive cash yields, and reliable downside protection once assets are stabilized. We target opportunities that exhibit these attributes:

  • Mission-critical infrastructure and services
  • Low correlation to market cycles
  • Stable and growing demand for the assets and services
  • Quantifiable risk using geospatial and data analysis
  • Long-term tenant agreements with built-in escalations
  • Low maintenance with scheduled capital expenditures
  • Regulatory and contractual barriers to entry
  • High agreement renewal rates with opportunities to grow revenues

Carrier & Provider Solutions

View Digital collaborates with wireless carriers and internet providers to expand their footprint by leveraging our capital and expertise. Our partnership approach optimizes capital allocation for productive growth.

About View Capital

View Capital RIA, LP, Investment Manager is a $1.5 billion SEC-registered investment advisor with a 19-year operating history, and provides administrative support and operational infrastructure.